Baked Brain

Since the beginning of the the lockdown here in the States my motivation, ability to focus and diet have gone down the way side. My brain feels half baked. Much of this I would attribute to the weight gain, unhealthy eating practices and lack of routine. It’s been over a year and I’ve slowly been adding exercise back into my regime. The inconsistency seems to be hurting my ability to cognitively focus.

How am I changing? Well, earlier this year a friend of mine introduced me to the basics of nutrition. I mean the basics like what a gram of fat means in terms of calories. I learned about protein, carbs, and fats. When to consume them and how much would be ideal. To be fair I lost a lot of weight on his program. More importantly I finally learned the basics of nutrition. I have taken a break from the routine for the past month, down about 12 pounds. I’m changing my diet from intensely planned to the gram to a flat roughly 2200 – 2000 calorie diet, high in protein and moderate in fat and carbohydrates.

I’ve found that lower carb, higher fat/protein diets make me feel a lot better (at least in the past) but I’m going to start with some carbs and take away carbs every week. Goal is to take out 100-200 calories from fats and carbs every week.

I’m recording every single things that I eat and drink with the goal of consuming only healthy foods in a timely manner with my exercise routines.

Here’s a breakdown of my typically week (I’ll be tracking this weeks consumption and exercise output):

Protein 197gs | Carbs 197gs | Fat 75gs

Don’t consume fat prior to weight lifting workout

Stay away from sugars, processed foods, etc.

Only 35 grams of sugar post workout with shake

10 minutes of stretching, 45 minutes – 60 minutes of weight training (4x a week)

Cardio sessions aren’t planned. I do cardio when I want but often (3x week minimum). Cardio for me is suppose to be fun. Basketball, boxing, soccer, hiking and biking.

Improvements to thinking/focus

Here is a simply list of things I’m working on this week:

  1. No more MULTITASKING (Power of full engagement)
    • I’m always being distracted because of my lack of focus/discipline.
  2. Meditation (10-20 minutes a day)
  3. Water (1 gallon minimum!)
  4. Daily supplements (Omega-3, Multivitamin, I need more)

Here’s this week’s training, diet, and cognitive habits for improving my focus/thinking. Tracking food, and water intake as well as body metrics (BMI, weight, etc.)

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