Athletics and the Classics

What was behind the greatest warriors of history? What was ingrained in every being of their fabric that allowed them to conquer themselves? Conquer the world?

The honor, education and character of leaders today have changed dramatically from the times before. Even the athletic world is much different. Maybe I’m an old soul. When I read about the lives of great warriors, leaders, philosophers, I see men and women who aren’t corrupted by the “advancements” of the today. I believe Men and women who educated themselves with a classic education will have the intellectual virtue to navigate the world.

Also, the keeping of the body fit and form. This is just as important as the mind. I’m always reminded of Theodore Roosevelt’s Father telling his son that one must develop the body before he can develop the mind. Looking at the world’s greatest leaders I see that this is the most fitting truth of their history.

This idea has been central to my being. I have always seen the benefits of a more general education that focuses on philosophy, history, grammar and language as superior to any other form of education. After reading more about the ancient leaders of the world and their educational upbringings, I decided that this is something I want to implement in my life. To do so, I’m starting my own “podcast” or discussion board. Every week I will have an episode(s) on athletics, the body, the mind, a classical education, etc.

Don’t know what I want to title it but I think Athletics and the Classics is a good starting name.

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