Cus D’Amato

Iron Ambition by Mike Tyson is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read on mindset. It’s in large part due to Cus D’Amato. I reread the first 5 chapters frequently because those chapter have some of the greatest principles a high performer needs whether they’re an athlete or a businessman.

  1. 85% of boxing (business) is mental.
    • Develop your psychology. To me, it’s developing the characteristic and behaviors of the individual you want to be. Cus would focus on the behaviors he wanted his athletes to emulate.
    • What are the behaviors of the top performers in your field? What are their characteristics? How do they talk? All important traits to know and emulate.
  2. Don’t get too technical. Once you see yourself getting too technical, stop.
    • “Reading Freud, [I only] read those ten chapters and then it was getting too technical so I put it down
      • This is something I do now. I only read things I need to know to take action. I’m not interested in technical details.
  3. Confront your fears. FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.
    • Do not put people on a pedestal. View everyone as mortals.
    • When competing do not idolize your idols.
  4. Autosuggest. Affirmations.
    • You need to affirm your dreams and achievements into your mind. Listen to your affirmations. Say them out loud.
  5. Confidence breeds success and success breeds confidence.
  6. Don’t stop with Affirmations. Plaster the walls with self-empowering sayings and poems.
  7. Your mind is not your friend. Strengthen your mind.
    • “You have to fight with your brain, you have to put it in its place.” The more you exercise it the stronger it gets. The mind will play tricks on you. When it needs to work it won’t want to, when it wants to it doesn’t need to.
  8. Discipline is doing what you hate to do but doing it like you loved it. DO WHAT IS REQUIRED TO BE DONE, THEN YOU’RE A MAN.
  9. You need to be in an environment where you are getting your PhD in your field. For me its business that I’m interested in. Therefore, I’m creating a PhD environment where my every fiber is focused on building my business. I plaster the walls with images and writings about business.

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