Engineering Mindset / My Foundation

As a kid building was an activity that I often enjoyed. Building lego sets mostly without the instructions was fun and challenging. I couldn’t stop building stuff. Lego guns, planes, buildings, and anything my imagination could stir up. I lost that growing up. At 25, I see myself getting passionate about building. This year has been interesting. I started something simple, a quasi home and commercial services company, that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I raise over $1.4 million for my real estate business. I’m learning a lot about construction, business, finance and relationships. I’m learning how to speak, communicate and be assertive/truthful in my conservations and relationships. A lot of this has to do with engineering. More specifically building a mindset of constant growth and radical truthfulness. One of the goals I have going forward is building a more engineering focused mindset when it comes to business.

I find Elon Musk a very interesting character. Some of the discussions he’s had about engineering are immensely valuable and practical for one’s life. As I write this, I am going over (as engineer would) the plans for my future, what my goals are this year and how I’m going to get there. I’m writing these by using radical truthfulness and first principles. I’m dissecting everything that I need to do from the foundational level, being my character/skills/behaviors, to the macro level, being the steps necessary to accomplish these goals.

The foundation. Here is where the pillars of one’s character are formed. This step is the most important. One without the pillars of character cannot hold the ideal self in place. For me, that is quite simply the habits, behaviors, self-image that I have about myself and where I currently am. The closer I push myself toward the ideal self the more I accomplish.

This year was good, I made a little money, I learned a lot and I’m comfortably taking risks. God-willing, next year the risks I take will 10X. With the formation of a home services company, and a formation of a holding company that will serve the purpose of an investment consortium for home and commercial service companies, we will make our first acquisition in 2022.

Using an engineer’s mindset this year I will engineer the optimal business, personal and professional systems in my life. This all starts with the personal. This year, I have cut out a lot of distractions and increased my workload.

Personal and Professional Foundation

  • Set high expectations
  • Be comfortable in the uncomfortable
  • Visualize, affirm your dreams and goals
  • Kiss a lot of frogs
  • Always have faith
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.
  • Feel good about yourself, confident, larger than life, not a care in the world.
  • Structure, organization, and progress/measuring.
  • First Impressions are everything.
  • Tell the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable.
  • Be assertive.
  • Always be capitalizing on opportunities.
  • Have an engineering mindset

This week alone I’m working on instilling these principles in the fabric of every being I am. I’m also making considerable progress on my company. Meeting with a few lawyers to discuss some avenues to increase our reach/market. Big things to come in 2022, starting with myself.

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