Raising Men Notes

Book about Navy SEAL Training and fatherhood

Never quit. “We all trip on our dicks from time to time. It’s not about perfection. It’s about learning from our mistakes and picking ourselves up when we fall down.”

Training is really quite basic and primitive.

“Just do the work, and the work works.”

“Identify any sliver of mental instability or weakness.” Stop it in its tracks. Affirmations and visualization help with combatting insecurities.

“Lack of communication is really a significant problem wit most companies [and individuals].”

You want an environment where you feel uneasy, outside of your comfort zone.

Owning up to your mistakes. “When someone fucks up, lies, or is bullshitting himself or others, [SEALs] won’t hesitate to haze the shit out of one another.”

“Sometimes you have to break the rules to make shit happen instead of being stuck in an ineffective paradigms or limiting oneself with preconceived notions about what can and can’t be done. It’s about independence– not following the herd or worrying about fitting in.”


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