Athletics and the Classics

What was behind the greatest warriors of history? What was ingrained in every being of their fabric that allowed them to conquer themselves? Conquer the world? The honor, education and character of leaders today have changed dramatically from the times before. Even the athletic world is much different. Maybe I'm an old soul. When I [...]

Baked Brain

Since the beginning of the the lockdown here in the States my motivation, ability to focus and diet have gone down the way side. My brain feels half baked. Much of this I would attribute to the weight gain, unhealthy eating practices and lack of routine. It's been over a year and I've slowly been [...]

Checklist Protocols

Defined as the list of items required to accomplish a specific goal or outcome layed out in a procedural manner. Relaxing the friction of a task starts with understanding what it is, and the tools required to accomplish that outcome. Checklist protocols are probably the best way to mentally prepare yourself for a task.